Natural soap with olive oil - Hamam soap

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 Contains olive oil

Weight: 100 g

Pure and natural Hammam soap with olive oil contains vitamins A and E and many other beneficial substances found in olive oil.

The soap is full of antioxidants and has anti-aging properties found naturally in extra virgin olive oil. It suits all skin types.

Hammam soap has been used far back in history. It is one of the first soaps that man has created. They used olive soap in ancient Egypt and before they had figured out how to make soap, they smeared the skin with olive oil.

According to a Mesopotanian legend, women mixed ash with olive oil and thus created the first olive soap. Traditionally, olive oil soap is made only from olive oil without adding other oils. The soap has been popular from ancient times to today.

For our olive oil soap, we use olive oil produced by the Aegean Sea, where the finest olive oils come from.

All soaps are handmade in small quantities with love for the skin.

The main ingredients are olive oil, coconut oil, plants, essential oils, etc.
The essential oils give our soaps a mild and pleasant fragrance.

Contains perfume. Free from palm oil.

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